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Blank Friday: The Background
We embrace quality. Especially when we invest our precious money.
Although almost no one would contradict this statement, we tend to support its very own killer. The one that sweeps top spots in cities all over the world empty of family businesses and leaves us with big players only: Super Sales.
We buy what we don’t need, preferably with money we don’t have.
It is bad enough that Cyber Mondays turned into Cyber Weeks but the iconic mass murderer answers to a different name: Black Friday!

  The Concept  

Let’s mirror the idea. Let’s wake people up by offering an irresistible deal: 100 % off. For every deal that you don’t make. Why? Because the aggressive style of Super Sales advertising needs an appropriate response.It needs to be bold to convey the message. And it needs to be supported by many voices to reach the volume of the original. Hamburg, London, Berlin … we will try to unite as many stores as possible. To spread the world we created Blank Friday packages for the stores, so that they can use our designed campaign for their content creation on social media, in their store or as giveaways.

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